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Discover and explore Rio de Janeiro and Florida your way, with the help of those who love these two destinations.

We create exclusive itineraries and offer tips for you!

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Hello, welcome to the Happy Side of Florida and Rio de Janeiro

We are Happy Day and we are passionate about Rio and Florida. For us, these two destinations have a lot in common: they are relaxed, cheerful and colorful. That's why we created Happy Day, to offer exclusive content for Brazilians and foreigners who want to immerse themselves in the charms of these two places.

We are a family owned and operated business.

Here you will find what you need to explore the Happy Side of Rio and Florida. With exclusive tips, we help you to set up your Happy Day, with your face and your way, uniting the best of Rio or Florida!

Tips & exclusive content

Rio and Florida are full of unmissable attractions. So, nothing better than knowing the most secret places, the most incredible places, the most delicious restaurants and the most fantastic options for diving.




If your destination is Rio, we set up exclusive itineraries that have your face and the best of Rio de Janeiro. Our specialty is to create unique itineraries, thought with love for you to know the happy side of the wonderful city!


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You are also passionate about Rio or Florida, so be part of our community and share your Happy Day with us in either of these two destinations.



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